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Seeing differently. 

Living differently.


"So shall we come to look at the world with new eyes.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


I’m Katrina, and I appreciate you stopping by my website. The site and my blog are part of my work to inform, equip, and inspire people to live in ways that honor the diversity of life on planet Earth. This work results from a lifetime of seeing how we are all connected by natural systems.
As I child, I spent many hours exploring the fields and woods behind my house. One of my favorite games was tossing a stick into a creek and watching where the water took it. Little did I know waterways and their interaction with people and the landscape would become my profession as an engineer. For over twenty years, I worked on projects to reduce flooding, cleanup rivers, and restore river ecosystems. I saw the ways these systems connected water and land to communities. Now as a Lutheran Deaconess, I help people and organizations see these connections and respond in ways that honor all life sustained by our planet's natural systems. 

I’m available to preach and speak, teach workshops, and consult on ways your congregation or organization can become sustainable. Here's my speaker's bio. To discuss ways I can be of service, email me at contact@katrinamartich.com.